Lease to Owned Program

Homeowners Now is happy to introduce our Sale Leaseback program as a solution for current homeowners who are facing trouble with their traditional mortgages and are in danger of losing their homes due to newer requirements by their bank, bad credit, high debt, or other issues. 


Credit Issues?

Has your credit been damaged through bankruptcy, divorce, or another life event? Our Credit Coaching Program, consisting of qualified credit coaching professionals, can help you fast-track your way back to healthy finances and ultimately getting you a into a home.

Self Employed?

Self-employed Individuals and contractors have difficulties obtaining a mortgage through the big banks. We provide solutions for you where the banks can’t.

Low Down Payment?

We don’t require up to 20% down like many banks and other lenders do. As long as you have $10,000 (or 4% of the purchase price, whichever is greater) we can be there to help!

New to Canada?

The big banks require established credit to be able to provide you with a mortgage. We can help you with your new move by getting you into the house you and your family deserve.


What is a Rent-to-Own Plan

A lease-to-own, also known as a rent-to-own agreement, is a payment plan that works for rental properties, such as condominiums and houses. A lease-to-own essentially sets up an extended purchase and sale agreement. This means that the landowner agrees to sell the property and the tenant agrees to purchase the property at a date specified in the lease.


A rent-to-own plan is typically an agreement for the rental of an item. You will not own the item until you have met the conditions in your rent-to-own agreement. In addition to your monthly payment, you may have to pay fees. These can include an additional amount to pay if you want to purchase the item. If you change your mind, or if you don’t want to purchase the item, you can return it to the company.


How Rent-to-Own Plans Work


Here’s what you can expect if you’re considering a rent-to-own plan.

What you need to provide a rent-to-own company

Generally, a rent-to-own company will require proof that you have:

a regular income
a permanent address
Some companies will also ask you for references.


What a Rent-to-Own Company Needs to Provide You?

Your province or territory may have specific disclosure requirements related to rent-to-own plans.

For all the disclosure requirements in your province or territory, contact your consumer affairs office.

Making your payments

With a rent-to-own plan, you agree to make regular rental payments. You may be able to make your regular payments online, through your bank or in cash


Learn more about what you need to know before you sign a contract.

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